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Planning a surprise?  

Turn your surprise into an event with this special surprise puzzle.  Build the anticipation as your friends or family build a beautiful wood puzzle to reveal your message.  Use one of our standard messages or create your own.

Only you have the answer key, and your guests build the puzzle without a clue, using only the words and the grain of the wood to orient the pieces.  Every piece is unique, so they can't be mixed up.  An optional answer key can be included for you to keep private, so you don't give away the surprise.  Don't include the key if you're having us ship it directly to your victim!

The 20-piece version is 8" x 10", suitable for framing when complete.  Without the key, it takes 2 people 5 or 10 minutes to solve the puzzle.  This is a good option for a gender reveal party, telling a kid about a major gift, or a planned trip, etc.

The 80-piece version comes in either 8" x 10" or 16" x 20", and takes an hour or so to solve without the key.  Use this version to make your clueless guests work a little harder for the surprise.  They'll either have fun figuring it out, or they'll give up and let the other guests finish it.

The 180-piece version comes only in 16" x 20", and is a real bear.  This puzzle will take your entire family a weekend to solve, depending on how clever they are.  If you look at the key and then try to help them, it will still take most of the day.  It's great when your surprise doesn't have to be known immediately, like telling your kid you're buying them a car for graduation, or taking them to Disney World next summer.  Use it when you want to make them earn their surprise.  Don't choose this version if your victim doesn't like puzzles!

Puzzles are laser-cut from durable 1/8" thick finished plywood, ready to mount.  Available woods include red alder and maple, beautiful light woods with very little grain. Oak and mahogany are also gorgeous woods, but with a lot more grain. Walnut is a dark gray-brown wood with a varied grain.

Made in Minnesota.

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