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What's in a name?  Well, we can't really get into that here, but we can tell you what a name is in - it's in a circle!  This decorative piece features the name of your chosen person in a delicate font, surrounded by a thin circle so the letters appear to float on the wall.  Single names look the best, though you can do it with full names, too.  Full names will just have to be run together so all letters touch.

You can choose the name of your favorite person, a pet, your home city, or another short word, like "Love" or "Coffee".  The first letter will be capitalized unless you specify otherwise in the comments.

Name rings come in two styles.  The monogram style makes the first letter as large as will fit the circle, with the rest of the name much smaller.  The uniform style makes all letters the same size, with the entire word as large as will fit.

Rings are laser-cut from durable finished plywood.  18" and 12" rings are 1/4" thick, and 9" and 6" rings are 1/8" thick, unless you specify otherwise in the comments.  Available woods include red alder and maple, beautiful light woods with very little grain. Oak, cedar and mahogany are also gorgeous woods, but with a lot more grain. Walnut is a dark gray-brown wood with a varied grain.

If you would like to paint the ring yourself, you can order it in medium density fiberboard (MDF).  MDF has a tan color with no grain.  The edges may show some scorching from the laser cutting, so they will need to be sanded and painted. Spray with a quality primer, then spray or brush on your color coats.  All MDF rings are 1/4" thick and can be made up to 24" in diameter.

Made in Minnesota.

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