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Remember the aroma of your mom's best cookies baking?  You couldn't wait for them to be done.  If you were lucky, she might even let you have one right out of the oven - that hot, gooey mess that tasted oh, so good!  After she set them aside to cool, you'd wait for her to turn away so you could sneak another one without her noticing.

This heart-shaped bamboo cutting board is 9" x 9" x 1/2" thick and features your favorite recipe in the original chef's own handwriting.  Send us a scan of the recipe and we'll laser-engrave it onto one side of the cutting board.  The other side is left blank so you can use it for cutting or serving.

We can't touch up your artwork, so whatever you see in your artwork will end up engraved on the board.  Your artwork should be a high resolution, high contrast scan with no stains or splotches on it that you don't want reproduced.  A snapshot taken with a cell phone just won't be high contrast enough.  If the recipe was written on a lined recipe card and the lines are visible in the scan, they'll show up on the board.  Any scribbles or scratches will show up in the finished piece, like in the second sample above.

So dig out Grandma's old recipe book, get a high quality scan of her legendary apple pie recipe, and leave the rest to us.

Made in Minnesota.

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