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Father's Ring

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It's tough not having a father.  It's even tougher being one.  You think you've showed your kids the right path, and if only they'd just do what you tell them to, and then...  

They mess up, and you open your mouth, and...

Your father comes out.  You say something you swore you'd never say to your own kids.  Well, maybe he wasn't so dumb, after all.

How do you tell your day you get it?  You hope to be as good a father as he was. Tell Dad or Grandpa how you feel with this personalized father's ring. Choose either "Dad", "Father", or "Grandpa" to be cut from the ring.  The ring is engraved and hand-emphasized with a personal statement on top and the names of Dad's children, grandchildren or loved ones on the bottom.  If names are not given, the statement will be split into top and bottom halves.

18", 15" and 12" rings are 1/4" thick, with a hanger installed on the back.  9" and 6" rings are 1/8" thick, unless you specify otherwise in the comments, and do not have a hanger.  Available woods include red alder and maple, beautiful light woods with very little grain. Oak and mahogany are also gorgeous woods, but with a lot more grain. Walnut is a rich, dark gray-brown wood with a varied grain.

Made in Minnesota.

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