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Owls are one of natures most incredible animals.  Their eyesight is unbelievable.  They can detect the movement of a mouse up to a half mile away, and they can see in the dark way better than we can.

Know why an own can turn its head on its neck up to 270 degrees?  It's because they're eyes don't move!  They have to be able to turn their head to see somthing to the side.

Our northern spotted owl keychains celebrate these wonderful birds.  Made from durable 1/8" plywood or leather, the key fobs come in two sizes and two shapes. Key fob is attached to a 1" nickel-plated chain.

Available woods include red alder, a beautiful light wood with very little grain, making it the best for lakes with lots of little islands, bays or peninsulas. Oak is another gorgeous wood, but with a lot more grain, making it best for lakes without a lot of fine features. Bamboo is a yellower wood with an extreme amount of grain, usually best for simple lakes without a lot of detail.  Mahogany and walnut are rich, darker woods, also a good choice for simple lakes.  Cedar is the wood with the most variety, ranging from a soft yellow to a deep, streaky red.

Made in Minnesota.

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