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The bees. Those amazing little workers who relentlessly pollenate our plants. Without bees, we'd lose much of the vegetation that makes our world so amazing.

Our bee keychains honor the coolest bee, the honey bee. They tirelessly collect the nectar that they turn into honey, and we don't even notice they're there. They never bother us unless we attack their homes. They just work and work and work to supply us with sweet, delicious honey.

Honey bees are in danger, though, because of pesticides and urbanization diminishing their numbers. We need to make people more aware of the great benefits of having bees around us, and to teach them not to be afraid of honey bees. Our bee keychains are part of that effort. Made from durable 1/8" plywood or leather, the key fobs come in two sizes and two shapes. Key fob is attached to a 1" nickel-plated chain.

Available woods include red alder, a beautiful light wood with very little grain. Oak is another gorgeous wood, but with a lot more grain. Bamboo is a yellower wood with an extreme amount of grain.  Mahogany and walnut are rich, darker woods.  Cedar is the wood with the most variety, ranging from a soft yellow to a deep, streaky red.

Made in Minnesota.

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