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Minnesota Lake Keychain: Todd County

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Minnesotans are always going up nort, which everyone knows means "toodalake". We love our lakes. You might have a cabin on a lake up nort, or go to a resort, maybe take a wilderness canoe trip, water skiing, whatever. As long as you're going toodalake you might swell have something to show it, ya know? For sure dese lake keychains are whatcha want when you're up nort. Take 'em home and show dose other guys where it's at, juh know?

Made from durable 5-ply wood, the key fobs come in two thicknesses and two shapes. Perfect for keeping those cabin or boat keys where you won't lose them. Or ATV keys. Or snowmobile keys. Or snowblower. Jet ski. Chain saw, garden tractor, dirt bike roadbikecamperpickupRV. You know.

Comes on a 1" nickel-plated chain.

Available woods include red alder, a beautiful light wood with very little grain, making it the best for lakes with lots of little islands, bays or peninsulas. Red oak is another gorgeous wood, but with a lot more grain, making it best for lakes without a lot of fine features. Bamboo is a yellower wood with an extreme amount of grain, usually best for simple, featureless lakes. If wood's not your style, we can make the key fob out of brown leather.

If you don't see your lake, we can make it for you!

Note: These key fobs float, but they are not buoyant enough to keep your keys from sinking!

Made in Minnesota.

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