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Five huge lakes run along the border between the United States and Canada, and they certainly are great. That's why we call them the Great Lakes. (Actually, Lake Michigan is entirely enclosed within the United States, but you get the point.) No other chain of lakes in the world comes close to the greatness of the Great Lakes.

The five Great Lakes contain more water and more surface area than any other group of lakes in the world. Lake Superior is the second largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, at 32,000 square miles. Lake Huron is third and Michigan is fourth. Technically, Huron and Michigan are a single lake, and their combined area is even greater than Superior's at 45,000 square miles.

Lake Superior is also the world's third largest lake by volume, with Michigan 6th, Huron 7th, Ontario 10th, and Erie 17th. If you count Michigan and Huron as one, they come in fourth, right behind Superior.

Every once in a while some silly person proposes that some other insignificant lake be considered one of the Great Lakes, but they are rightly denigrated and sent packing back to their cabins in shame. Sorry, Vermonters, you know who you are.

Our Great Lakes necklaces commemorate these magnificent bodies of water. The pendants are laser-cut from 1/8" solid alder wood and depict the lake and its islands in detail. The large size measures 2" to 2-1/4" in its longest dimension and really stands out. It's for men and women who like large pendants. The medium size is the most popular and measures 1-1/4" to 1-1/2". The small size measures 1" to 1-1/8" is designed for the petite-jewelry lover, and is more about the shape of the lake than the details. It prompts "What is that?" from the viewer. Pendants come on a 20" adjustable waxed cotton chain with a decorative bail. All components are environmentally friendly and are lead- and nickel-free.

Want to try an alternate material?  We can make it as a custom lake necklace.

We'd love to hear your Great Lakes stories.  Please click "Write a Review" and leave us your best story. 

Made in Minnesota.

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    Lake Superior is Cold!

    Posted by Lake Superior Fan on 11th Oct 2020

    My favorite Great Lakes story: My dad and I were fishing on the North Shore of Lake Superior and stopped in Grand Marais for a Dairy Queen. We parked down by the harbor and put our minnow bucket in the water so the minnows could get refreshment. I was just about done with my cone when Dad noticed the minnow bucket floating away from shore. "Quick!" he shouted. "Run and get it!" I gave Dad the remainder of my ice cream and ran for the water. Lake Superior is never warm, and that time of year it was still very cold from the winter. I was shocked from the cold and was too stupid to telly my dad to get his own minnow bucket. It gets deep really fast in the harbor, so in no time I was up to my chest in freezing cold water that felt like a thousand needles penetrating my body. I ended up swimming the last few feet before grabbing the bucket and dragging it back to shore. Being on a day trip, we had no camping gear or fresh clothes, so I sat shivering in the car in my underwear with the heat on full blast, wrapped in a rain coat while my dad tried to dry out my clothes on the defroster. Thanks, Dad!

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